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We are open for orders for all kegged beers. We deliver anywhere in Wisconsin. We meet any other prices (Prebrew agreed to). Choose label on ElkIslands.com This page helps answer the many questions that our customers may have and concerns that arise about microbrewery beers.  One most often asked is, who is, or is there a real 'Dr. Hummer'.  If there is a 'real' doctor, that would have to be Hippocrates, or Doctor Hippocrates as he was known in his lifetime. This web page may well be the only source you will ever find, or certainly the first one, that attributes the use of words such as 'Hip" or "hippie" to the impressionist art version for the "in the know" reputation that Hippocrates had among nature enthusiasts and natural health related plant source students.  It's more that the culture has gone through many changes in the 20th century, and beer has changed along with culture. In the beers brewed before World War II, there was much more alcohol than is bottled or kegged in beers today. It may seem strange to us, but the entire conservative movement that ran into the 50's and 60's had roots in the need to conserve certain commonly used resources during World War I and II.  And sugars was one of those resources.  Without sugars, the yeast would not make alcohol, because the alcohol is only produced, like a by-product in a way, after the yeasts have stopped consuming sugars and reproducing themselves. Less sugar, less taste. It's wartime light!  Perhaps it is even fair to say that the overconsumption of beers could be attributed to this war torn brewing adaptation.

Today's microbrewerys would not want to brew beers that promote or better require chain drinking of bottles, unless of course the climate or season dictated hydration of some sort.  If all beers really had the quality water supply that only exists in natural sub-surface non-spring water, this just maybe, could be a health related option. Gernally speaking, that is not the case.  For details about Dr. Hippocrates and PURE water sources and nature, see Elk Island Brewery LLC   No, not ALK Island.

GERMAN and AUSTRIAN beer types

While Octoberfest is definitely a German type beer, it is really properly a certain Munich yeast, with variations entangled into a unique one season only blend.  This is an expensive LAGER, which brews from the bottom and is begun in March, so that the last of the cold weather can be used to quickly cool the sugars after boiling.   Because it is expensive for a small brewery it is very rare and the use of special refrigeration chillers in summer makes it unlikely as well.  Another common beer from Germany is called PORTER.  Generally, the Pan-Germanic culture prefers fruit like or sweet beers with many non monotonous mouth feel or single flavor(s) and NOT more earthy tastes. Part of the story is Austrian and nearby Nurnberg history, but the Märzen hops was certainly one of the Octoberfest types that began the brew before March tradition.  In fact Märzen means the Month of March for that reason.  So together, the yeast and the hops are the 2nd and 3rd most important things that characterize the overall quality of a beer.   The Water is the most important.   In craft brewing, the goal is to achieve something special, and using the best available spring water harvested at the most healthy time of year and stored until needed was the standard practice for who knows how many centuries. 

In southern Germany, near Austria, a deep cave network set the stage for the million man rallies, essentially big brew fests and the story of the recovery of the Spear of Destiny in those caves. Actually, it was a tunnel entry that used a defunct grade school classroom as the entry point. The low moisture of the cave system enabled brewing and storage of beers to feed the population through many hard winters of Nurnberg (Today Nuremberg).  There is a legend that says that when the American art conservationist and Pan-Germanic scholar finally threatened to arrest the Nurnberg officials and was led to that particular cellar, the death of Hitler followed in a matter of hours.

Irish and Scottish beer types

The tourist center, alas, is most likely the island of Islay with it's festival of Malt and Music. But the entire region has a rich history with typical European family domination and legal battles over rights, and small operation and household home brewing and so much more. Herbal adjuncts range from Peat dried malts and heather added to Whiskey mash. Distilleries came and went with the popularity of their exports due to the fact that local sales was like selling snow to Eskimos. Today there are about 19 licensed breweries in Ireland. Or so says the reports. Stout has always been the leading style there, although it's popularity has steadily eroded. Irish ALE is one reason. This style ranges from clear to very cloudy in appearance. The taste is more than just cullinary. There is a mouth feel to it, measured and correlatable to the Lovibond scale. Our Creamy Stout is called Creamy because of the mouth feel of it, which is a pleasant experience when drinking beers of this quality if you have never noticed or experienced it in some way. Highly recommended. Just like Whiskeys, beer can use a single malt or a blend of malts. Some people tend to prefer one or the other, but that can depend on what else is going on with the ages and yeasts. The knowledge of what was once a true crystal malt and what the term caramel malt appears to have been lost. What brewers by nature are concerned about, is arriving at a satisfactory result, which puts these terms into a context of process intensive formulation rather than a chemical or spice and flavoring intensive one as with food stuffs. The peak of both brewing and whiskey distillery was during the prohibition period in the United States. For this region, the simplicity of regulation and the lack of taxation meant that great simple beers like Sailor Moon could yield enough profit to pay for a brewery building and equipment in a few years, without excessive marketing, advertising, and accounting costs. Many people have said that our BLITZ beer, which contains some wheat malt, is very similar in taste, feel, and aftertaste to that famous classic recipe of that era.

Acidity and associated beer types

We don't want to dwell too long on demographics and populations of drinkers, but it is interesting to us that the ratio of breweries to population count is the same in Ireland as it is in Wisconsin.  It's 1 to 51,000.  By contrast, the hot and surrounded by beaches state of Florida has only about 43% of that density of mostly small craft breweries. Yet this is a state where 90% of the population uses ground water and there is no shortage of surface water springs available.  However, we could guess that perhaps the higher temperatures there could cause a few processing changes.   Water has dissolved gasses that are heavily dependent upon the water's temperature. Again, rapid cooling is not economical for small breweries there as it can be in Winter at our brew facilitys.  Maybe it is just our fanciful thinking, but because a small brewery like ours can not sell beers outside of Wisconsin, we have a lot of hope that our story is compelling enough to get us past the many problems involved, resolvable though they may be, of starting a perishable product supply company. 
With a reported 'average' of PH 4 to 4.5 we are trying to do much better here. Our Bascitic brand is focused on this issue. Most aquifer protection programs consider streams to be ideal at a PH of 7.8 (surface water is more acidic than groundwater). That's a lot of room for improvement we think, before you have to actually worry about a beer or wine becoming too far into that base side of the balance to drink on a regular basis. The short story about stomach acid is that it is there from evolution to control bacteria, not to digest our foods, at least not in the modern diet. The more hops used or the darker or more bitter, as a generalization, the beer, the more acidic it has a tendency to be.  By testing the Stout style, or if they have one, and IPA style of any given brewery, you can get a good idea of what their most bitter beer tastes like.  Alcohol content has little to do with acidity, although carbonization in the water gasses might, which results in a tendency toward higher alcohold contents.

d.e.e.r. Beer and NEAR Beer Planned.

It's hard to discus the concept of Elk Island without someone asking if it's the island of Ibiza.  That could be analogous to the view that the Island broke off from mainland plain Spain into the Mediterainean sea at the end of the ice age and ended the world domination of the Peninsula of Atlantis, as described in The Timaeus and Critias.   Spain exactly meets the central plaine's given dimensions.  This island, with orange forest matt from the pine needles that drop there reminds one as well of the Golden Fleece legend of Greece, where, in the middle of a grove of trees hung the Golden Fleece, guarded by 'Dragons' (i.e. any large animal) Nostradamus said that this island would survive the eventual nuclear disruption because the winds travel around but not over the island cliffs.  The island is packed with bars, clubs and social venues with the world's largest dance venue called "Priviledge" at 10,000 square feet of electronic dance music and trance ambience. 
Hops. Genus and Species Humulus lupulus or Humulus Japonicus.  These vines grow in very wet climates and are a member of the hemp family (Cannabinaceae). Japan is also an island that is actually known to have broken off the mainland at the end of the Ice Age.   For 12,000 years man has been consuming alcoloids, phytocannabinoids and compounds that mimic them, known as ‘cannabimimetic’ plants. Hops contain Myrcene, known to be present in high levels in strains that exert a ‘stoned’ effect. Only recenty science discovered that Cannabis is not by any means the only pytocannabinoid plant. Lemon Verbena Tea. Lemon grass, Mangos and Thyme. Stems and tops contain these 'Essential oils'.  Hence we had a plan to work, somewhat slowly, toward popularizing our brand name if we can justify development costs of Derpifier Essential-Oil Extended Release.   But the name was rejected as 'false and misleading'. The word Derpifier seems to be a problem even if no alcohol or dealcolized beer is being labeled. This could be a lower alcohol or less than 1/2 percent 'Near-Beer' to avoid any possibility of abuse or encouragement of such.  Until then, as far as we know, Elk Island is what the State of Wisconsin called the nearby town, as it seems like an 'Island' stop or slow down point on the main north bound highway out of Green Bay.  At one time, it was simply known as the Lonesome Pine area because a single tree was left stand between lanes in the 1930's as it was so beautiful the clearing crew just could not cut it down.  Meanwhile, the FDA and TTB co-op rules actively encourage hard liquor ready 'energy drinks' and foreign standards that will give you a stomach ache taken on an empty stomach. The market leader in 'Energy' is owned mostly by a recent foreign immigrant who got a headache on his flight here. The USA beer industry in general is selling product which is much healthier at less than half the price and fighting unfair regulation and a lot of 'Dark Money' in Wisconsin to try to keep it that way through global importation monopolys.

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